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Treating cardiovascular diseases

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After 10 years, Dr. Skaf Separates from WCPS

After 10 years of cardiology practice at the Wyoming Cardiopulmonary Services practice, Dr. Michel Skaf has decided to pursue his dream to start his own cardiovascular practice. Building on the success that he established across Wyoming, Dr. Skaf will open his first cardiovascular specialty practice, Casper Cardiology

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Casper Cardiology OPENS!

In an effort to continuously address patients’ needs, Casper Cardiology will now offer an alternative for patients seeking cardiac and vascular care.

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Mission Statement

To provide equal, high quality, compassionate cardiovascular care with no discrimination against age, race, gender, or status in a timely mannner.

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Cardiology Expert

Dr. Skaf is American Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Nuclear Cardiology, Cardiovascular Diseases and Cardiac Devices. He is Testamur in Echocardiography. He was instrumental in establishing a comprehensive congestive heart failure program at Wyoming Medical Center. He helped patients avoid travel out of state by starting in Casper the insertion of advanced cardiac devices including state of the art three lead pacemakers and defibrillatorsHe recently graduated from Harvard School Of Public Health with a Master’s Degree in Healthcare Management with focus on quality improvement as well as leadership and innovation in healthcare. As part of his commitment to better serve his patients, he will continuously pursue more education.

Offeringthe highest quality medical care and

  • Referrals

    Casper Cardiology has world-class expertise in every area of cardiology, and is an outstanding resource for both patients and referring physicians. We routinely receive referrals from all over the State of Wyoming.

    Out-Patient Consultations

    Our Cardiologists offer appointments Monday thru Friday 8am to 6 pm at our Casper office. We also provide emergency or urgent consults when needed to assure our patients get the care the need when needed

  • Studies

    Our Cardiologists will be happy to read and provide detailed reporst for all technical studies presented. Please contact our main office for mor information.

    In-Patient Consults/Procedures

    Our Cardiologists have admitting previlegs at all three major Hospitals in Casper.


Currentdiagnosis and treatment